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SINCE 2012

The Hong Kong Space Capsule Bunk Bed is innovative and well designed. We employ the latest technologies that fits most business, solo and group traveler  needs.

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Low power consumption 46W per hour in one compartment only.

Capsule Bed Hong Kong (Galaxy Stars) Limited, specializes in the design and manufacture of modern space capsule sleeping quarters ( capsule bed ). Our manufacturing methods are of the highest international quality standards.

Space capsules are manufactured with ABS plastic parts and made of a steel structure. We are Hong Kong China’s very  first capsule hotel suppliers.

As of 2013, we’ve met a booming need from many of China’s major cities. In the last two years, we’ve received many inquiries. To better meet the needs of our customers, we’ve established offices in Guangzhou, China, as well as a showroom office in Hong Kong

Eric in his favorite upper deck

The concept of the hotel sleep capsule was originated by Eric Wong. It was an idea that came to him as he accompanied the astronauts back to the Earth. It is based on his memory of the cockpit, the stars and a memorable journey.

This new idea, the Hong Kong capsule bed, has caused quite a stir in the Asian market, and Eric has received significant praise in the media by companies such as cnn reuters, and other media moguls in the  USA, UK, Germany, Brunei, China, Hong Kong and Korea and recently by Japan as well.

The sleep capsule has received praise in the media in more than 30 countries around the world.  We are the leader of the space capsule bed manufacturing industry, and still we strive for improvement and better customer satisfaction. We want to suit our customer’s need  in every way possible.

Interviewed by CNN in 2012
 Capsule hotel coming to Hong Kong
Sleep boxes are finally making their way to Hong Kong with Wi-Fi

Read more in details at CNN ….

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*We are manufacturer & exporter for Capsule Pod, and do not own any capsule hotel in Hong Kong. If you would like to experience the capsule that you can directly book it through China booking website such as http://english.ctrip.com

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