Horizontal Bed – G5 MOONLIGHT-SATURN Bunker

Basic model provide with no fantasy ceiling, sliding door or curtain door with either smart sensor or manual lock is all your choice of options. Control panel consists Hotel card electrical switch and socket, double USB electrical outlet, 3.5mm headphone jack.

Standard export quality: UL Fire-Retarded V2 grade ABS, you can upgrade to V0 in option.

The shipping cost is depending on the shipping company quotation to the port of your country.

*Price is quoted as per set, 1 set of capsule bed composed of 2 pods and minimum order 10 sets (20 pods) will be waived till “Promotion Period”.

Horizontal Bed G5 Moonlight-Saturn
Internal safety anti-theft lock
Non-slip ladder
Stainless steel handle
Ordinary ceiling
Space fantasy ceiling
Bedside soft cushion
Standard switch button
LED backlight vanity mirror
Smoking detector
Air circulating fan x 2
Coat & hat hooks x 2
Reading light
Space blue light
Space white light
**No TV available for export shipment, there are only power bar and LED included with each order.
You can buy LED TV at your home country to install it on the ceiling, we will guide you if needed.

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