capsule bed type such as Vertical or Horizontal Single Bunker

Capsule Pod – Octagon Series

In geometry, an octagon (from the Greek ὀκτάγωνον oktágōnon, “eight angles”) which has eight-sided polygon and in Fung Shui, the number 8 means good fortune and infinity in China or Japan.
風水では、八角形は世界を表し全ての運を自分に引き寄せる力があります。 ・八角形は風水の世界観だけでなく、科学的にも最も安定する図形とされており、 森羅万象を表すとされ、最も生気を送りこんでくれるアイテムとされています。 部屋の中に八角形を置くことで、家の気全般を調整してくれ、運気をあげてくれると言われています。

2016 Moonlight-Saturn Price Calculation

Start from 2012, as the founder Eric Wong introduced the first Generation of Space Concept of Capsule Hotel Bed to the media, the price was US$5,000 per set (for 2 pax).

But today, after 4 years struggle to improve and mass production, the cost has been cut more than a HALF, with $2,876 for 4 Pax, which only cost $719/bed and with much more features and advanced looking.


Here is the practice of Vertical Bed arrangement to save much cost without buying extra covers when they put into the room side-by-side


****Price List can be download HERE.****

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Moonlight Saturn – Capsule Bed Frame Structure

G5 Moonlight Saturn – 月光下之土星之旅

With better improvement of the stronger bed frame, the model Moonlight Saturn is the latest release for this year.

You can now get the best price with no minimum order as 20 capsule beds.

We will promote it while STOCK last as your price will be starting at our EX-WORK price in Shenzhen of China at the cost US$699 per capsule bed.

*As one set is bunker with upper and lower pod, thus the price is US$1,398

Check the Horizontal Bed dimension for your need as followed:
external dimension of Horizontal Capsule bed

Vertical Bed Structure
external dimension of Vertical Capsule bed