To Capsule Pod Apartment investor

Capsule Hotel vs Capsule Pod Apartment

For Capsule Hotel:
Our capsule pod is considered as a “Bed” in the sleeping zone where the capsule hotel will consider partition basically into 3 portions:
Proportion of Area Utilization for Capsule Hotel

(Proportion of Area Utilization for Capsule Hotel)
Sleeping Areas 35%
Shower & Toilet Areas 35%
Common Areas (include open kitchen) 30%

High proportion for sleeping area at expensive land location
Sleeping Areas 55%
Shower & Toilet Areas 20%
Common Areas (include open kitchen) 25%

Capsule Pod is defined a economic alternative for solo travellers in the capsule hotel industry due to the traditional hotel must have 2 pax (persons) in 1 room while the concept we provide to the tradtional hotel and hostel which can increase the capacity thus improve the Return Of Investment.

Our Galaxystars Capsule Pod is bulit and designed for the hoteliers who understand the basic hotel safety concern. Hotel hygiene standard is one of the main factors to consider when deciding which hotel or guest house to choose.


For Capsule Pod Apartment:
Recently, some China capsule pod suppliers neglect of the safety and hygiene standard and our advice of “Proportion of Area Utilization for Capsule Hotel” that claimed it is lucrative business model and strongly propose the ROI in short period of time.

*We advice Capsule Pod is for sleeping only, and do suggest these activities are not permitted:
– No smoking 不可吸煙
– No rice cooker 不可用電飯煲
– No electric water boiler 不可用電熱水壺
– No induction cooker 不可用電磁爐煮食

This is a new concept but we do suggest free advices and guideline for the investors who want to do it safely for the Hong Kong market, interested party can contact us for details and free advices.

The Future of Capsule Hotel Bed/Pod

Galaxystars Capsule Pod

1. The Definition for Galaxystars Capsule Hotel Bed/Pod
The capsule pod built especially to the travellers for short stay in capsule hotel.
Galaxystars Capsule Pod is being built for the hotel standard with fire-retardant materials for safety and easy maintenance for cleaning.

In 2015, Iceland opened the first capsule hostel in Reykjavik being interviewed by local media is using our Galaystars Capsule Pod, the owner Mr. Sverrir Guðmundsson has been carefully study and prepare to launch his first Pod hostel in Iceland.

2. Short-term vs Long-term staying in capsule hotel bed
* Due to the short stay usage, capsule hotel bed can be cleaned and maintain up-to-standard in hospitality industry. A good design capsule hotel bed can last for long term such as 5~10 years.

* If using capsule hotel bed for long term stay will shorten the life-span of it, and it also will create lost of cleaniness problems.

*It is highly recommended for service apartment which can be cleaned periodically.
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