1. What is the difference between the  HK Capsule bunk bed and that of other suppliers?
All Galaxystars HK Space Capsule bunk beds are constructed of high quality alloy,stainless steel and reinforced fireproof materials. Unlike other space capsule construction methods, our construction method doesn’t use any wood as it tends to hold humidity and can easily facilitate the growth of mold and mildew, thereby prolonging the life of the space capsule. Besides, the use of wood also presents a risk as it is a flammable material and can easily catch fire.

Horizontal Bed
Horizontal Bed
Vertical Bed

2. How much does a Hong Kong space capsule bunk bed cost?
answer: 1 set of bunker bed include upper and lower pods. Our factory price for a standard space capsule bed is starting from USD$650 ~$2000 depends on quantity and setup.


3. What is the dimension & weight of the capsule bunk beds?
answer: The external dimension of each set:
Std vertical: L2200xW1220xH1220mm (external measurement) ~250KG/set
Std horizontal: L2200xW1300xH1220mm ~280KG/set
Delux horizontal: L2200xW1300xH1220mm ~300KG/set
For reference, the interior dimension for horizontal bed : L2000xW1040xH1150mm,
1 set contains upper & lower deck, the ceiling height for setting up at your place should have at least 2.54m

5. What material is used for the capsule bed?
answer: We manufacture every capsule with strengthen Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) over a stainless steel infrastructure.
*strengthen ABS is generally a low-hazard material to health and flame retardant material for making ashtray.

6. What is the safety design you provide?
answer: All manufacturing standards meet our country regulations. We use a safety curtain, or electric curtain, thus the guest can  escape in case of an emergency situation. We also provide each space capsule with a functioning fire extinguisher and smoking alarm as an option.

We also furnish a standard Hotel card socket feature. When disconnected, all electric sockets, lights and the LCD TV will automatically turn off, thus preventing the risk of overheating.

7. What is the minimum order?
answer: 10 sets capsule beds in a 20 ft container of one single model. A 40 ft container will hold 36 sets for export from Hong Kong, China.

8. What kind of materials do you use for packaging?
answer: We use foam or bubble plastic in our country. However, special requirements can be arranged according to the client’s country.

9. How strong is the capsule bed frame?
answer: It can hold up to 250 Kg.

10. How to climb up the upper deck? 
answer: Let’s see how you climb up or down here:


12. How many pax for 1 set of capsule bed/pod?
answer: Many people may confused with the capsule bed/set means, Actually the Space capsule bed we sell is based on the bunker bed concept.

2 Sets HB
Here is an example of 2 sets of Horizontal Capsule Bed, which offer 4 pax for visitors to stay

The horizontal capsule is easy to entry with ladder but occupy more space, while vertical capsule bed can arrange in parallel which optimize the floor space the most.

Here is an example of 1 set Vertical Capsule Bed

※   pax means no. of people/persons/occupants