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he first generation introduced by Eric Wong from PRESSTV in 2012. (Webm) 00:52

HK space capsules have received many noteworthy reviews in the world. They are tagged as being an inexpensive and innovative accommodation solution for the Hospitality Industry.

UK Podtime
Indonesia (YouTube)
Eric Wong, known as the Space Capsule bed founder who is revolutionizing the world of accommodations in the hospitality industry. His invention the Space Capsule bed is equipped with every comfort a person could want, including an air conditioner and TV. His customer, is the free walker traveler who can enjoy a comfortable and interesting nights sleep in a real space capsule-like accommodation.

The Standard – The Capsule Quest
A new idea is revolutionizing Hong Kong, just as it has in Japan. We are talking about the new capsule cubicle.Read More…

Deutsche Welle-world – Hong Kong Uses Japanese Solution for Accomodation Problem

Hong Kongs travel industry will soon introduce space capsule hotels to alleviate the hotel and dormitory shortage currently experienced. Read More

The dense metropolis may see some respite soon on high hotel or accommodation fees. The new space capsule hotel may be a solution to the problem. Read More

There are many more Interview media files cannot be opened due to the country restriction.
Video:VTC14 Vietnam TV channel Kaiteki Hotel(First Galaxystars Capsule Hotel in Vietnam in 2013)
Interviewed by Japanese Media

前线·焦点2012 新闻摄影选   自然与环境组 冠军 (美联社)
–Hong Kong Galaxystars Capsule Bed(Associated Press)join the 2012News Photography” received the champion in the “Natural Environment Group.


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